TransferPaper - Hard Surface

Hard Surface

Print across a wide range of printable substrates - with no residual impact or ghosting in the unprinted areas.
Suitable for use with any laser printer.


How it Works


Print Hard Surface Self Weeding with your Laser Printer. Hard Surface Self Weeding is a heat applied Laser Transfer Paper which does not require cutting. Press onto a wide range of hard surfaces, such as Mugs, Ceramics, Metal, Wood, Slate and Acrylic.

Position Transfer

Position the transfer onto your substrate (heat tape can make this process easier). Wrap mugs in a silicon mug wrap - Press large items with a covering of 1 x Finishing Paper and a Rubber Mat.


Press your item for the required temperature and time (see bottom of this page for times and temps; or consult the instructions). If you are using a mug press which starts to count down as it hits the required temperature; we recommend (200°c (392°f)) and to count down from 3 minutes. Once finished, place your item to the side and allow to cool naturally for 5-10 minutes.

Optional Dunk

IMPORTANT : Do NOT dunk wood or other water absorbent/water sensitive items. Submerse your mug (and other items such as metal etc, anything that isn't water absorbent) in cold water for 5-10 minutes; the transfer paper will absorb the water and become rubbery, allowing for a much easier peel. If it simply is not possible to dunk your transfer in water; allow to cool naturally until completely cold.


Peel the transfer paper from your substrate.


The transfer is complete. The durability and robustness of your print can be improved by Curing the transfer. The print can be cured by placing the item in an oven for 5 mins at 200•C

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