TransferPaper - iColor Magnet Media Suitable for use with any laser printer." />

iColor Magnet Media

Laser Printable Magnets are the perfect way to create custom magnets to use in the home, office, or school. Made from a durable, flexible and laser printable synthetic material, these magnets are perfect for creating personalized magnets with photos, artwork, logos, or anything else you can think of. Create stunning, eye-catching designs with ease. The magnets are strong enough to stick to any flat surface, yet easy to remove without leaving any residue. With these magnets, you can add your own unique touch to any area of your home, office, or school.
Matt white vinyl finish with a thickness of 1.5mm (.015"). Letter Size - 25 sheets per pack.
Suitable for use with any laser printer.

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How it Works

Cutter Settings

If you are using a Graphtec CE7000, set the FORCE to 38. The aim is to cut entirely through the sheet; so please use a Cut Mat for cutting Magnet Media.

Prepare Artwork

Create a new page and place your artwork. Make sure you have your leave adequate space around the artwork to place crop marks for cutting.

Cut Prep

Draw a rectangle around the artwork to use as the placeholder for placing registration marks then navigate to: File > Cut Master 4 > Registration Marks.

Reg Marks

Select Convert Rectangle and press OK.


Magnet Media is a print and cut Laser Transfer Paper. Print on Ultra Heavy 3 or Labels 2.

Cut Path

Duplicate the print layer and name this new layer Cut (using layers allows greater control over artwork manipulation). Select all elements on the Cut Layer and use Pathfinder to merge all elements (Window > Pathfinder). Change the colour of all elements on the Cut layer to black. Make sure no part of the artwork is too close to the crop marks; the sensor on your cutter will get confused. Then navigate to: File > Cut Master 4 > Cut/Plot

Load & Send

Load the media onto your Graphtec CE7000 and position the head over the bottom right registration mark and press the Origin button on your cutter. Then navigate to the Layering tab in Cut Master 4. Ensure only the Cut Layer is checked.


Cut the media, then your magnets are ready.

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