TransferPaper - Laser Dark (No Cut)

Laser Dark (No Cut)

Introducing the revolutionary transfer paper for printing onto dark or light fabrics! FOREVER Laser Dark (No Cut) transfer paper allows you to easily print any design or image onto fabric, with amazing quality and detail. Print onto the transparent A-Foil and press with the specially formulated B-Paper adhesive sheet for a transfer ready to apply onto cotton, polyester, denim and more. Laser Dark (No Cut) has impressive fade resistance and transfer clarity that will last over 50 washes without any loss of vibrancy or detail. Whether you're a print shop, designer or fashion enthusiast you'll love the convenience and quality of Laser Dark (No Cut). Get creative with your designs and bring your visions to life with this highly versatile transfer paper.
Includes A-Foil AND B-Paper.



Print onto a wide range of substrates with ease.
Mixed Fabrics
Book Covers

Print Easy

Laser-Dark (No-Cut) is a 2-paper heat transfer foil which let's you print extra brilliant colours without cutting and weeding. Costly weeding and cutting belong to the past.
All you need to do is print your design on the A-Foil, then press it together with the B-Paper LowTemp. Upon peeling, the white coating on B-Paper is transferred only to the toner on the A-Foil. Now, the design is completely weeded and ready for transferring onto a wide range of materials.

Rich Colour

The bright white coating of the B-Paper improves the opacity and vibrancy of colours on dark fabrics and it also greatly enhances adhesion for better durability and washability.
As an additional benefit, the (No-Cut) and no weed means, there is no unwanted background on the garment. Just the areas with toner are transferred.
The result can be compared to screen printing - only faster, cost effective and extremely efficient.

Picture Perfect Prints

No Cutting or Weeding
Soft Touch
High Washability
Brilliant Vibrancy
Multitude of Finishing options

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