TransferPaper - iColor Tattoo Paper

iColor Tattoo Paper

Durable and high vibrancy tattoo paper for application onto skin. Two part paper consisting of a printable transfer sheet and an adhesive sheet.
A4 Size.
Suitable for use with any laser printer.

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How it Works


Print Self Weeding Tattoo with your Laser Printer. Self Weeding Tattoo is a two part Laser Transfer Paper for application onto skin. Produce mock-ups for tattoo studios, film and media production and more.

Position Printed Sheet

Remove all Teflon from your heat press and place the printed sheet onto your heat press, with the unprinted side facing down.

Position Adhesive & Press

Place adhesive sheet on top of the printed sheet; with the sticky side facing down (if you can't tell which side is the sticky side, lick your finger and press it against the sheet; your finger will stick to the sheet). Cover with a sheet of Finishing Paper and press for 40 seconds at 130°c (266°f).


Once the time has elapsed; peel the papers apart in a smooth, fluid motion. From one corner to the opposite. Remember to keep the papers close to the press when peeling to prevent the transfer from losing too much heat.
The Transfer is Ready for Application. When posting/shipping/sending the transfers to another location via courier/mail, simply nestle the transfer in a Finishing Sheet to prevent the transfer from adhering to the envelope/packaging.

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