TransferPaper - iColor Banner

iColor Banner

This laser printable banner paper is perfect for making banners for any occasion.Easy to print high quality banners in minutes. The paper is strong and durable, so your banners will withstand the test of time and still look great. With its bright white colour, this paper will give your banners a professional look every time. Whether you're decorating for a birthday party or promoting your business, this banner paper is perfect for the job.
Letter Banner Dimensions : 216 x 1259mm
Tabloid Banner Dimensions : 279 x 1321mm

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How it Works

Prepare Artwork

Create a new artboard in portrait orientation - the banner size is displayed on the product packaging. Create your artwork with a 5mm border to mitigate feed movement. 300 DPI on this banner media equates to 2551 x 14870 pixels.

ProRIP Banner Sizing

Click the arrow next to the paper size and select Add New Media... Create a name and input dimensions equivalent to the banner size you have (and units of measurement you selected upon initial setup) then click Create.

Import & Print

Configure your ProRIP to the correct settings - Ultra Heavy 3 (217 - 256gsm). Then import your artwork: File > Import Files. Then click Print.


Print on the glossy side.


You now have awesome banners.

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